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Our Story

Tripura Travelcations is a online based Nepalese tour and trekking company. Tripura Travelcations is named after Tripura Sundari, believed to be an incarnation of Durga herself. The Devi is believed to have magical powers and fulfil the wishes of the worshipers. Tripura Travelcations believes that Devi will come alongside our customers in every tour and trek we organize. We take satisfaction in organizing high-quality excursions that are carefully selected and managed by experts.

assorted-color buntings on mountains during daytime
assorted-color buntings on mountains during daytime

Years of expertise

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assorted-color temple miniatures during daytime photo
The Tripura Travelcations heritage

We have the experience to develop high-quality travel arrangements as a dedicated travel firm founded in Nepal by young people.

Low price policy

Expert expertise and outstanding service should be commonplace, in our opinion. There is no additional charge for our experts’ opinion, whether it takes one phone call or several sessions over several weeks. Our objective is to keep our pricing as low as possible to make high-quality travel available to as many people as possible.

Dedicated teams of regional experts

Our professional consultants have all travelled widely in their respective regions and can provide you with a wealth of expert knowledge. You can travel with the certainty that your itinerary has been arranged by a regional professional, whether you wish to join a fixed tour or take a private tailor-made journey.

Services of the Kathmandu office

In addition to your personal travel consultant’s expertise, Tripura Travelcations strives to provide the highest levels of customer care, from your initial inquiry to the detailed itineraries and tour notes sent to you before departure. Finally, answer any questions you may have when you return from your trip.

Expert local guides

Tripura Travelcations employs specifically selected native English-speaking guides who are well-versed in their subject and can bring locations to life. They can provide vital background knowledge and describe the local way of life, customs, and issues in-depth, going much beyond what is contained in even the best guidebooks.

Why choose us?

You may travel with Tripura Travelcations with confidence wherever you choose to go.Our travel consultants’ skills and experience and the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides and local reps on the ground allow you to be completely informed before booking and worry-free while travelling.

The best support in-region

Tripura Travelcations has sought out and formed working ties with the best local agents on the ground throughout the years. These are all companies with thorough expertise in their region, an extensive network of local representatives and skilled guides, an understanding of Tripura Travelcations standards, and the expectations of individuals who travel with us.

Comparing like with like

High-quality travel is not inexpensive by definition, and when arranging a vacation, there may be a significant price difference between what appear to be similar trips. When comparing like with like, we are confident that our holidays offer outstanding value for money, given the amount and quality of services.

Whether travelling in a group or on your own, we will welcome you at the airport or bus station along the route. You will be transferred to your lodging, and the details of your itinerary will be presented to you.

Personal service on your travels

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